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Rainsford & Associates is committed to acting with integrity and delivering immigration services in a professional, proactive, helpful manner. Our services include evaluating visa options and requirements, and preparing and completing all the necessary documents and supporting submissions for lodgement with the immigration authorities. In addition we support clients in all matters or concerns that may occur following lodgement of an application, liaising with relevant parties as required.

Our fees are quoted on a case-by-case basis taking into account the type of service required, the specific difficulties or complexities of a particular case, if any, and the time required to prepare an application to address immigration’s legislative requirements.

Our fees are competitive and reflect the services provided by an experienced, professional practitioner, who personally manages and oversees all casework. Should you wish to engage our services all our charges and associated application requirements and costs are confirmed in writing, as required by our professional Code of Conduct.

While we do not provide free face-to-face consultations initial advice can be provided over the telephone at no cost.